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The cheapest online affiliate marketing training – review

Unless you have creative mind and shoot a video which can attract people attention you could be an overnight success, otherwise you have to put in the craft to earn an online income.

Yes, there are ways to earn and generate an online income, and I believe creating videos and add them to YouTube could an easy option for some if you have the right content, also if are not afraid of showing your face.

Some people are shy they could look for a different solution such as creating websites, affiliate marketing, and networking marketing.

The membership is FREE no CREDIT CARD needed you can spend as much time as possible testing the platform to see if you like.

Websites structure details
The platform structure

As you can see from the above screenshot everything is organized and compacted you can follow up, also there is a possibility to earn money with Wealthy Affiliate program – https://bit.ly/2VoQcm6

Is it really possible to make money online

Yes – I did start with Affiliate Marketing in 2018 before that I have been trying to set up an online for years. I guess as they say if it was easy everybody was doing it.

So in my humble opinion it is not that easy as people say when YouTube started a lot of people made a lot of money because they were the first to be on the ship.

Now with so many competitions and rules that has been changed even with YouTube videos it will take time to generate viewers and earn an income.

I have struggled to have online business, so if you can find a community such as WA to help you and point in the right direction you are already on the right path.


Start with Wealthy Affiliate – Advantages

  • You add an extra income
  • You can work part-time/full-time with no boss
  • What extra money will do for you (a holiday, flights, shopping, paying bills and more)
  • No employment is guaranteed any more
  • Look at what is happening around the world millions of people will be jobless
  • You are not received any income unless you get support from the state
  • You can start your website on any NICHE you are passionate about
  • You can build as many websites you like the limit is about 50
  • The technical support is fantastic and amazing
  • If you pay your premium yearly you save a lot money they give a big a discount
  • The platform gives the options to follow up the training you can pause and return next time
  • You don’t need to worry about missing a training and the support is 24/7


My suggestion start with anything – to see where the life will take you and don’t give up! why that is what happen to me back in the days

Can you start alone without help

For sure what I have learned if you not find or learn from a mentor usually you will struggle that what happen to me for a long time until I found Wealthy Affiliate community.

After I found this community things have started to change for me, as you know having successful online it does not happen overnight but nothing is impossible.

Let’s look what you get from the WA community if you are a member

What you will learn after the training programs

Look at the list of benefits and training you will receive and I am pretty sure you will be look overwhelmed but believe me once you start to navigate on the training page you will find it easy.

All the training will step-by-step so can you follow up and learn all the way through if you miss something you can always return and watch it again.

All the training programs in one platform

Wealthy Affiliate Advantages

Everything included in one platform

L 1 – How to use the platform as long you follow the lessons you will be on track

L 2 – Training on how to make money online

L 3 – How to choose your NICHE, usually you have to do something you love and passionate about it

L 4 – How to build a website on the topic you want with step-by-step training very simple

L 5 – How to set up a website again step-by-step

L 6 – How to get into the searching engines

L 7 – You will learn on how to create a good content

L 8 – Learn how to customize your website

L 9 – Learn how to understands SEO, and keywords



Wealthy Affiliate Disadvantages

Probably there is too many training and fewer updates if you do feel confused you can ask the community, everyone will be ready to help.

As a free member you do have limited access to the training and other areas of the platform you can still navigate through the platform to check or and understand how it does work.

I am a premium member so I pay monthly (my option right now), it does cost me more money, but again this includes everything that you want on the platform to succeed online.

On this platform you don’t get none of these like others training programs, once you joint that is it, everyone for himself


Would I recommend to anyone to join Wealthy Affiliate? yes, I joined in 2018 one the first thing after building my website I can see I get regular traffic from the content I publish.

I didn’t believe this platform it has helped thousands of people earning recurring income (Recurring Income it just taste suit to me just reading get paid every monthly)

Wealthy affiliate is both for NEWBIES and TOP LEVEL experienced marketers and we have over 2 million members on the community, so this no joke.

If you want to try setup an online business by yourself it is fine, but if you don’t have experience, on this platform you have the support, training, resources to use and you take your time.

Final though, remember I took the plunge started the online business and found the Wealthy affiliate join them to upgrade my knowledge about online business.- Don’t wait until next week or month start something              https://bit.ly/2VoQcm6

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